Back on the Blog!

photograph of a Continental Typewriter taken by Ciarán Walsh / to illustrate the start of scriptwring for a series on photograph commissioned by TG4 and Sibéal Teo, Dingle.

its been a while and its been erratic, the usual blog scenario. However I’m back on the blog and Ghislebertus remains the inspiration for a blog about a new era of imagining, in this case a reflection on the development of social documentary photography in Ireland between 1880 and 1900.

The impetus to blog … having something to say … comes from a commission from TG4 for a series on social documentary photography. This has just entered the pre-pre-production phase of intensive research and writing, taking apart the history of photography in Ireland – there aren’t that many histories of photography in Ireland – and coming up with a blue print for 6 narratives that reveal the unwritten / untold histories of the people through the lenses of 6 photographers who went west in the 1880s and 90s.

Typewriter adjusted

Tríd an Lionsa / Through the Lens 

The unwritten history of life in the West of Ireland, 1880-1900.

The BAI (Broadcasting Authority of Ireland) has agreed to fund a six part series for television that will look at the lives of ordinary people in the West of Ireland as seen through the lenses of six photographers

The series is being developed by and  Sibéal Teo, Dingle in association with TG4. Work on the production begins in October 2014.

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